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As you begin your search for quality home improvement items, I encourage you to take a look at different ceiling fans. First and foremost the most important thing to look for, when it comes to ceiling fans, is which style of ceiling fan is going to match best with the interior design of your home and which ceiling fan is most compatible with your budget. That been said, whether you have a very modern and contemporary home, a home with vintage feel, or any style in between I guarantee the ceiling fan brand ” harbor breeze” has a style for every home and interior design.

Harbor breeze is very affordable ceiling fan offers many different shapes, sizes and styles of fans form chic and modern to mundane and old-fashioned. Whether it's for a classic dining room set or for your three year old daughter’s pink bedroom, harbor breeze has a ceiling fan that will fit any need. Not to mention, many harbor breeze ceiling fans are energy star qualified which means they will save energy and money.


Another ceiling fan brand is “Hunter”. However, hunter specializes mainly in ceiling fans with lighting fixtures and on lighting fixture kits for ceiling fans. Yes, hunter does have quite the selection of ceiling fans that will suit just about any style of interior decoration while keeping the room cool at the same time. Unlike Harbor breeze’s ceiling fans are approved for outdoor patio use.

There is yet another big ceiling fan brand which can be found online and in your local home depot store. It’s called Hampton Bay. Like Hunter’s, are mainly geared towards indoor use, although they do offer a few outdoor models. Hampton bay’s indoor ceiling fan, selection is very similar to Harbor Breeze’s fan selection in that they have something for everyone. However, the actual styles of ceiling fans are very different from each other. That being said, the brand of ceiling fans which you choose to purchase depends completely on the style of the room that it will be inside of and the budget that you can afford.


All of the aforementioned ceiling fan brands are extremely affordable so the cost should not be a problem for anyone. What really needs to be taken into consideration is the type of ceiling fan that would best suite your home. If your home is chic and modern I would suggest one of the Hampton Bay’s pilot model 60 ceiling fans. If you have an outdoor patio in need of a ceiling fan or two, I would suggest one of harbor breeze’s many outdoor model’s to keep your patio cool during those hot summer afternoons. There is no doubt that with all of these ceiling fan brands that you will be able to find a suitable fan for every room in your house.

Acting as both a decorative element of style and a convenient supply for a fresh breeze, an outdoor ceiling fan might be the perfect last touch that you are looking for. However, searching for the right one can be tricky. To ensure that you purchase the top outdoor ceiling fan you need to know a few simple guidelines.

1. What is the difference between an indoor and an outdoor ceiling fan? 

Outdoor ceiling fans are made specifically with nature in mind. Although they should never be directly exposed to rain, many fans are now rated as either damp or wet fans. You should decide before shopping how much exposure your ceiling fan will have to moisture. If you suspect very little accumulation, such as an outdoor ceiling fan on a screened in porch, then a damp fan would work just fine. If, however, you expect a more natural and open location for the fan you should choose only wet models. The price of wet and damp models can differ but there is a greater variance between brands than the actual wet or damp models of a similar ceiling fan. Outdoor/Indoor ceiling fans do exist and can be used just as their name implies, in the comfort of your home or outdoors.

2. What exactly are you looking for?

 This is the fun part. Quite possibly even before you begin shopping you have some idea of what you are looking for. If not, in 

the midst of browsing you will begin to get a foundation design of what you like. Outdoor ceiling fans range from tropical themes and bright colors to rustic and rugged looks. With almost any supplier you should be able to get a wide range of shapes, contours and colors. If the look of the ceiling fan is not the most critical part of your decision, you should focus on the 

productivity of the device. Whether you browse online web pages or explore in store wholesalers you should be able to find a brief description including the measurements of the model and the approximate airflow it produces. Whether you want a one speed soft wafting breeze or a rapid turbulent refresher is all up to you.

3. How much are you willing to pay for it? 

Outdoor ceiling fan prices range from a mere $30 to well over $3000 depending on the materials used, the finish applied and other various details ie; handmade, hand drawn, etc. Similar to most products on the market the median price would certainly buy an efficient and appealing ceiling fan. The deviation of price depends on your desire for fashion, resourcefulness or the integration of both.The best ceiling fan is one with adequate air flow, appropriate price and the adherence to your aspirations for your home.